UCS Server Operation and Management.

You expect reliable server services – from trouble-free login, to data sharing and storage, to email and calendar to internet access and printing. You need a stable and scaleable server operating system for this, to easily and comfortably manage servers, users and resources with as much automation as possible. Ability to quickly integrate new functions, regardless of their location in your local data center or in the cloud.

UCS Server – the economic and efficient Open Source platform

UCS Server brings all functions together, that are important for operating and managing professional IT environments, focusing on a central administration concept. All the important functions for operating professional IT environments are already integrated, such as network and mail servers and services for authentication, backup, network installation and software distribution. Additional functions and third-party applications can be easily installed later using the integrated app center. With standardized interfaces, ready-to-use connectors and complete Open Source licensing, UCS fits into existing – even complex – IT environments and can be easily and flexibly expanded. With its extensive Active Directory-compatible domain management, UCS is a fully-fledged alternative to Microsoft server solutions, yet with additional features.

UCS Visualisierung der Funktionen


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UCS for Small Business.

As a small or medium-sized company, you are dependent on your IT system working smoothly at all times and operating without any major administration efforts. This means access to resources, such as printers and files, must be easy to set up and manageable. Confidential data must be saved securely and centrally, while benefiting from the convenient cloud services provided by Google or Salesforce, for example. As required, your field employees can access the company network using their mobile devices while they’re out and about.