Imagine you could manage server and cloud applications as easily as apps on your smartphone. Introducing the Univention App Center..

The Univention App Center contains an ever-growing number of software solutions from different developers for companies and public institutions. These apps can be simply installed via the App Center, integrated in your in-house IT, and conveniently managed via UCS’ central management system.

The App Center also offers the possibility of discovering, testing, and then purchasing different apps. It is integrated in UCS and represents a key component of every UCS installation.

The fastest way to your app: Univention App appliances.

Many of the apps are available as ready-to-use appliances for different virtualization and cloud formats such as KVM, VMware, and VirtualBox. These appliances contain a pre-configured UCS system, the ready-to-use app, and the management system for administration. It is the simplest way to get started with an app if you want to install it via the App Center in a scenario other than an existing UCS infrastructure.

Advantages of Univention apps at a glance.

  • Simple start-up and provision in on-premise, virtualized, and infrastructure-as-a-service environments

  • Integrated patch, update, and life cycle management

  • Management system with modern web interface, API, and command line interfaces

  • Integration in a centrally managed “domain” with interface to an identity management system

  • Usage of UCS single sign-on mechanisms

  • Integration in existing Microsoft Active Directory environments

  • UCS-4.4-App-Center-Overview
Univention App Center as a transaction platform