With Zimbra Collaboration, you always carry your virtual office with you

Hundreds of millions of people trust Zimbra Email Collaboration, Zimbra suits all company sizes, from 5 users to global companies with millions of accounts.

Zimbra Standard Features:

  • Worldwide access to e-mail, calendars, contacts, files, etc.
  • No own server infrastructure necessary
  • Double Spam & Virus Protection
  • Synchronization with mobile devices
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and all smartphones
  • Maximum security thanks to state-of-the-art encryption
  • Easily share contacts, emails, files and calendars with coworkers or partners
  • Highest safety standards, thanks to state-of-the-art technology
  • We work with Zimbra the modern and cheap “MS Exchange” alternative
  • Server locations Switzerland and / or Germany. (as desired)
  • The data transfer with the Business Mail Server takes place exclusively via secure connections – your data is only for you.
  • With multiple anti-virus protection and double spam protection, annoying, contaminated emails are checked and cleaned in your mailbox before being dropped.
  • The server infrastructure is built on maximum data security and data loss protection.
  • With Business Mail Hosting you can create your perfect work-group solution. Employees are networked independently of location, which can increase the efficiency of each individual.
  • Shared contacts, files, and calendars minimize administrative overhead and promote efficient work.
  • As a client, you can use your web browser, the Zimbra client, Outlook, Mac Mail client, Thunderbird, smartphone / tablet, etc.


You have the choice between three basic packages:

Zimbra Light Zimbra Pro Zimbra on Premise
Speicherplatz 10 GB inklusive
(Optional bis 2 TB)
10 GB inklusive
(Optional bis 2 TB)
je nach Festplattengrösse
Mail Adressen (Konten)
1 (bis 10’000) 1 bis 10’000 unbegrenzt*
bei OpenSource Version.
gegen Aufpreis bei Paid Version
Spam & Virenschutz inklusive inklusive inklusive
Kontakte & Kalender inklusive inklusive inklusive
Web Access inklusive inklusive inklusive
Server Hosting in der Schweiz inklusive inklusive auf Wunsch „Weltweit“
Team Work
teilweise inklusive Inklusive
S-IMAP, S-POP3, SSL, Web. inklusive inklusive inklusive
Eigene Mail Domain(s)
exkl. Geb. f. Registrierung
Optional gegen Aufpreis Ja / Voraussetzung unbegrenzt*
Push-Mail (Active Sync) für iOS und Android
nein (nur POP & IMAP) inklusive Optional
gegen Aufpreis
Automatische Datensicherung
Täglich 2x nur Notfall-Wiederherstellung Fortlaufend, inkl. einzelnen Mails Wiederherstellung Optional
gegen Aufpreis
Benutzer Selbstverwaltung
gegen Aufpreis und nur zusammen mit eigener Domain inklusive inklusive
Paket-Kosten / Jahr ab 30.- CHF pro/Jahr ab 60.- CHF pro/Jahr Auf Anfrage


  • auf Wunsch betreiben wir auch Ihren eigenen Server in Ihrem eigenen Rechenzentrum, “On Premise”
  • Kontaktanfragen an: contact@veera.ch

Demo Server

We are happy to provide you with an evaluation Demo Server, either in the cloud or within your internal IT environment.

Evaluation Demo Server

For an evaluation Demo Server and application. Contact us today!

Mail: contact@veera.ch
Subject: Demo Server and desired application(s)

Tel: +41 44 517 86 86

Product comparison in detail (Zimbra)

Light Pro

Desktop Clients

POP and IMAP Email
CardDAV, iCal and CalDAV Clients

Mobile Devices

Mobile Web Client
POP & IMAP Email for Smartphones
CardDAV Contacts & CalDAV Calendar

Server Administration

Web Administration Console
Integrated Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus
Postscreen MTA Security
LDAP and MS Active Directory Support

Domain Management & Customization

Multi-Domain Support
Domain Limitations (Users / COS / Quota)
Delegated Administration/td>

Advanced, Business-Ready Features

Custom Retention Policies
Litigation Hold
Real-time Backup and Restore
Disaster Recovery 2 to 4 hours Intervals
Smartcard & Common Access Card $
White Label for Web Client Branding $
S/MIME Digital Signatures & Encryption $
Unified Communications Integration $
Two-Factor Authentication $
High Fidelity Document Preview $
Zimbra Mobile (ActiveSync)
Shared Items Synchronization
Mobile Device Policy Management
Outlook Sync (MAPI) older Version $
Outlook 2013 and newer Sync
Outlook for Mac (EWS) $

Cloud Drive

Briefcase (Online File Storage and Sharing)
Native Integration with ownCloud and Nextcloud (Advanced Online File Storage and Sharing) $ $

Chat, Video Talk

Video Conferencing, Screen Sharing & More Chat Only $


Email & Online Support Portal
Phone Support (8×5) $
Premier Support (24×7) $ $
Premier Support SLA $ $