The Wekan Open Source Kanban Board greatly simplifies your life with advanced card-based task and to-do management. Kanban is also suitable for your private task list as well as for professional team work in companies.

Kanban boards are an unbeatable tool to organize everyday things. The simple visual overview of the current state of your project makes you productive and efficient by allowing you to focus directly on the few points that matter most.

With Wekan you create boards where the cards can simply be dragged and dropped between the columns. It is possible to work with many members at the same time on one board, just add everyone who should be able to work with you and off you go! Cards can be colored differently and referred to, to facilitate grouping and filtering, in addition you can add members to a card, e.g. to assign someone a task.

Demo Server

We are happy to provide you with an evaluation Demo Server, either in the cloud or within your internal IT environment.

Evaluation Demo Server

For an evaluation Demo Server and application. Contact us today!

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