Centralized management of all digital identities (IDM)

Do you want to provide the IT users in your organization with an easy access to different applications, services and resources? For this to implement you need a unique digital identity for each user which you can equip with certain access rights and assign to groups.

  • Run UCS in the cloud or as a software and decide for yourself where to store user identities.

  • UCS is 100% open source software and the source code is public. This allows you to review, customize, or enhance UCS at any time.

  • UCS supports all common IT standards such as LDAP, SAML, Kerberos, SSL, Active Directory, Docker and many more. Thanks to this, you can integrate a wide variety of applications into UCS and use them fully accessible.

  • UCS is highly scalable whether you want to administrate tens or millions of digital identities.

  • UCS provides standard connectors to popular applications such as Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365 which you can use in compliance with data protection regulations and under your own control.

  • The UCS App Center offers you a large, constantly growing number of instantly usable and UCS-certified applications.

  • With UCS you can manage all digital identities and passwords in your own environment. This secures your data in case of attacks on cloud services from service providers.

  • The transparent price model gives you a calculable cost framework.

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