The cloud is here to stay. No matter what industry your business is in, without an effective cloud strategy, you just can not keep up with the competition. The cloud greatly simplifies the work of your increasingly mobile workforce. The cloud is essential to staying agile, but cloud security should not be allowed to suffer from that.

What is cloud security?

Cloud security consists of a set of policies and technologies that protect your data, applications, and infrastructure, physically or cloud based. This serves to comply with legal regulations (DSGVO, etc.) as well as to prevent access by unauthorized persons. Cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated every day and mobile work and BYOD are increasingly dominating the business world. That’s why it’s even more important to proactively and reliably protect your data with cloud security. Losing control of your data and infrastructure in the public cloud is imperative without a cloud security solution. However, today’s cloud security solutions offer even greater transparency and control than ever before. As a result, no one needs to shy away from cloud-based services.

What can cloud security do for my business?

Disaster recovery (DRP)

Cloud security offers many benefits, of which business continuity is most important. Achieving this requires a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP), but many small businesses still work without such a plan. Cloud security can provide you with a workable plan for all imaginable situations, including fire, flood, or total site loss. With your entire infrastructure housed and protected in the cloud, you can lose your entire building and continue working despite the challenges.

Visibility and Access Control

A good cloud security strategy includes DLP (Data Loss Prevention). A DLP solution gives you deep insights into your data flows, so you can control what your employees access both in the cloud and in-house. Security measures protect you and your employees from malicious activity, viruses, or malware. You can also protect your data from unauthorized access by using advanced encryption technologies that provide reliability not even found on on-premise systems. In addition, your IT team does not have to worry about updating updates or patches that protect you from the latest threats, as updates are done automatically.

Compliance with statutory regulations (DSGVO)

If you work in a highly regulated industry, such as finance, insurance, law, or healthcare, regulatory compliance is a must. Your cloud security strategy must take into account the complexity of the GDPR, etc. the payment card industry data security standard and other federally mandated rules and regulations to protect consumer data. A cloud security solution fixes these issues so your IT team does not have to worry about every little change. So you can focus your resources back on the really value-adding tasks like growing your business.

How Veera IT Service can help

Veera IT Service supports you in the implementation of your cloud security strategy. We deliberately work exclusively with European partners such as the German “Univention GmbH” and the Swiss “e3 AG”. For security reasons, all products used are either OpenSource or, as with the CASB / CDPG solution Centraya from e3 AG, purely Swiss security products.

In addition to the protection of your data and the IT infrastructure, we offer you a high level of transparency for all your cloud activities. It gives you the power to take immediate action without disrupting your business. With us, you can create your own security policies that allow you to seamlessly integrate your security needs into your workflow, as well as gain insight into all user activity. You get a centralized visualization of the entire physical environment as well as cloud based. We’ll help you get the real end-to-end cloud security solution that best meets your needs. If you want to know more, contact us today.